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CDD-Pro is a tool which helps frontline 
Relationship Managers (RMs) deliver better quality onboarding 
outcomes for financial institutions and their customers.

About Us

Real-time ‘Tips & Guidance’

CDD Pro helps your frontline staff produce HIGHER QUALITY CDD outputs at the point of contact with the customer

CDD Performance Measurement

CDD Pro enables you to measure and reward higher quality CDD performance by frontline staff

Reduction in Financial Penalty Risk

CDD Pro helps you reduce the risk of financial penalties and censure due to poor quality frontline CDD

Put higher quality CDD in the front line where it belongs

Poor quality onboarding skills by your RMs at the human interface, when you first welcome potential new customers through your doors, can cost your organization time, money – and customers.

Use of CDD-Pro by RMs:


the quality of onboarding information at the point of capture


onboarding form error and rejection rates


RM understanding of customer business models and ownership


the time taken to onboard new customers


customer satisfaction with the onboarding process


Organizational commitment and reliability on AML to your correspondent banks

Industry Stats

The current CDD model isn’t working for most organizations.


Average increase in the number of employees working on KYC adherence since 2016


Average year on year increase in KYC Compliance costs

32 Days

Average amount of time taken to onboard a new customer

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