Intelligent Customer Onboarding

CDDPro is an intelligent customer onboarding tool that reduces the risk of compliance failures, fines and personal sanctions.

About Us

Protect against personal investigation and prosecution.

CDDPro helps you conduct effective supervision of your organisation’s due diligence processes, strengthening its defences should it be subject to an investigation.

Onboard clients to a consistently high standard

CDDPro levels–up onboarding quality across your entire organisation, ensuring a smoother customer experience and no ‘weak spots’.

Understand your clients to the full extent required by the law.

CDDPro helps elicit essential information that is often missed on e.g. business models, sources of wealth and account purposes - rigorously, efficiently and consistently.

When it comes to onboarding, most prospective clients have a story to tell. And too many organizations aren't doing a good enough job at getting it from them.

CDDPro is a smart, AI-enabled tool which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help you obtain relevant, legally required information from potentially higher risk customers concerning e.g.

  • their financial and business backgrounds
  • their business models
  • their sources of wealth
  • why they want to do business with you

It does so consistently, to a high standard, across your entire organization, improving your ability to conduct effective risk assessment and reducing the risk that ‘bad apples’ within your onboarding teams will jeopardize your good name and reputation.

In the process, it reduces your exposure to fines and criminal penalties, cuts down on avoidable ‘back and forths’ between the first and second lines and quickens onboarding times.

All the while, it curates the information captured during the onboarding process, enabling you to measure onboarder performance and mine large data pools of customer answers for deeper risk insights and marketing opportunities. There are also versions for digital onboarding and CDD remediation for use by customers directly, saving you thousands of human-hours in callbacks and clarifications.

And CDDPro plugs seamlessly into whatever systems and technologies you are using for screening and risk assessment right now – without exception.

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CDDPro – Intelligent Customer Onboarding

Use of CDDPro by organizations:


the quality of onboarding information at the point of capture


onboarding form error and rejection rates


organisational understanding of customer business models, sources of wealth, beneficial ownership and account purposes.


the time taken to onboard new customers


customer satisfaction with the onboarding process


Organizational commitment and reliability on AML to your stakeholders, regulators and correspondent banks.

Industry Stats

The current CDD model isn’t working for most organizations.


Average increase in the number of employees working on KYC adherence since 2016


Average year on year increase in KYC Compliance costs

32 Days

Average amount of time taken to onboard a new customer

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